Clone CD and my Burner

I have a Dell 3.0GHz P4 HT, 512Mb 400mhz DDR SDRAM, 120GB Hard disk running XP Home.
My burner is NECDVD+RW ND1100A Firmware 10FD
I have Clone CD V4.2.0.2 and Clony XXL V2.0.1.5
When I scan a disk and find out the copy protection, how do I determine what setting to use in Clone CD? or do I just use the default Game CD profile.
I have tried different options and different media (both TDK 700mb CR-R gold and Verbatim 700mb CD-R) and I keep getting “Drink Coasters”.
Trying to copy (I own the game) Battlefield 1942 : Secrets of WWII. Clony XXL tells me the protection is SafeDisk V2.9.
Can you help me???

I think ClonyXXL makes its own profile which normally you would choose for burning. However, in your case, since dealing with safedisc2.9, you may be experiencing what many others have. CCD has a “bug” when it comes to dealing with SD2.9 and also sometimes will blacklist the Virtual Drive.

You can make an image with CloneCD using a safedisc profile and burn with a program called Fireburner, or make an image with DiscDump and burn with Fireburner. Just remember with CCD to make a CUE sheet. Now even if this is all successful, it may still not run the game if the CCD Virtual Drive is installed, the uninstall process alone is not always helpfula s some entries in registry still exist. You may have to manually search and delete them all.

By the way, this is all in the FAQ!!!

Your burner will need the SD2 with AWS profile from the Profile Thread.

You will also need to hide the ATIP using the Hide CD-R Media feature in the Tray Icon.

Yep, read the FAQ, will help a lot, then posts your problems.

Thanks for the advice.

Used the SD2 with AWS option and also have the ATIP hidden via Hide CD-R Media, but game will still not run.

Any other suggestions???

Then CloneCD AWS does not fully work on your burner. To save a coaster, d/l and turn on SafeDisc emulation in the tray icon - this works for discs, too.

You can also try Blindwrite (EWS) and Alcohol 120% (Bypass EFM) for your next lot of burns.

Got image to work using Daemon Tools, thanks.
Tried to burn image to CD using CloneCD but still won’t work.

Can I use CD-RW disks to save burning coasters?

Tried Alcohol to burn CD-RW, said Ok but game won’t run.
Are there any settings needed B4 running game from CD?
Do I need to unmount drive for example?

I’m getting closer but not over the line yet.

Not sure if your burner supports it, but if you do wanna chance another coaster, try to emulate weak sectors with clonecd. I noticed it works on older model burners quite well, from my experience anyway, but I may have been lucky.

Have tried all suggestions to date.
Even tried burning using ClonyXXL and Alcoholer with Alcohol 120% and still no luck.
Must be doing something wrong but can’t work out what.
I guess I’ll just have to run it from the image file only.

btw, what is the game title and country of release?

Have you tried playing from the Liteon DVD drive? Re-install from that drive letter (to avoid registry hard-wired problem), unmount the image, turn on the appropriate emu insert the backup and try that.

I don’t have a Liteon DVD Drive, it’s a NEC ND1100A.
However my other PC has a Liteon CD Burner, I’ll try it on that with Daemon

How do I tell the country of release?
The game is Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of WWII

>How do I tell the country of release?

Well now, I see that your from NSW - better put Oz or Australia as most of the world’s population wouldn’t know what “NSW” is or was. If you bought it in NSW then you could say that country of release was Australia