Clone cd and LDW411s

Can I use clone cd with the LDW411s to copy and burn cds (not dvd’s) or do I have to keep the LTR48246s for doing that. I have tried to but things keep locking up.

Is your machine or CloneCD locking up? You’ll have to use the Emulate option, I suspect, in CloneCD

Most times it’s clone cd locking up but when I use task manager to end task the whole computer locks up and a rundll32 error appears. I am running XP pro, pentium 3 733mhz.

What version of clonecd are you running?

Define lock up… does it freeze at say 3% or something or does it just freeze upon launch?

Does it lock up when reading or just when burning an image?

Are you using a Plextor?


Just realized, you have a thread already going regarding this. You do not need to open a new one. You canjust choose to reply to the original thread you started. You can reply as many times as you need, no point in posting again a follow-up. :wink:

Mine dose the same thing! I don’t get the error message, but it locks up at the writing stage. I have the LDW411s I’m runing XP Pro, AMD 2200+ CPU.

Anything here of help?

It’s ALL GOOD now! Thanks :bigsmile:

What did you do to fix your problem. I still cant get mine to keep going.