CLone CD and HP Cd Writer Plus 9100 Series



I recently built a new machine which is Tyan Motherboard,Athlon 900, and 320 MB of RAM.I have been using this cd writer in my old machine with clone cd and could burn at 8x,with this new one it makes coaster at 8x but when I slow it down to6x it works fine,anyone got any idea why?The old machine was DFI Motherboard,AMD K6-3 450,and 320 mb of ram?I am using Windows ME on both.My friend has the same computer,the only difference in our writers that I know of is mine is white and his is grey,they both say 9100 series on the front.Any idea’s?


Are you by any change using different IDE busmaster drivers? CloneCD doesn’t like the ALI, VIA or INTEL drivers and will only work with the standard Microsoft drivers.