Clone CD and HP CD Writer 9100 Problems Please HELP

I just built a new machine with an Athlon 900 and a Tyan S2390B motherboard.I have benn using clone CD with this writer in my old machine for some time with no problems.After installing it in this new machine it makes coaster left and right.But will burn fine at 6x,if I try it with 8x it starts making coasters.I built a similar machine for a buddy with the same motherboard and his works fine.He has the 9100 series writer also,only his is grey and mine is white,I don’t know if that matters.I put the writer in my old machine again and it works fine.I would really like to get it working with my new machine.Any help,suggestions,or input/ideas would be greatful.Please email me.Thank You


Are you using different IDE drivers in your new machine? CloneCD doesn’t like the VIA, ALI or INTEL drivers and will only work with the standard Microsoft drivers that come with your windows version…

If you are using on of these drivers (ALI, VIA or INTEL) please uninstall them and use the MS ones. This should fix your problem.


I agree with the last answer but I’ll add a little bit…I also use the HP 9100. I have found with Clone to read and write with the writer…the slower you read, the more accurate the copy…I NEVER read or write more than 2x. What’s the hurray?? Take time to enjoy life…