Clone cd and Adaptec

I have attepted to burn a backup of MS Office 97 Pro with clone cd twice and have had no luck. I am using a Tosh DVD to read and a Plex12/10/32a to write and clone cd . According to previous post there are no protections on this disc and clonyxl confirms this as well as no read errors on the disc . Burned disc won’t autorun and I can’t run the setupexe file I just get illegal operation messages although, it looks like a good burn. Strange thing is I just made a good burn using Adaptec Easy CD 4.0. I have had this same problem when trying to make a back up of Win98. Is this a MS and Clone CD problem or operator error on my part. I have used these drives and clone cd to backup SD2 and Securerom New without problems before. Any comments or thoughts are appreciated.

Settings on the read are nothing ticked
Settings on the write are: close & buffer boxes ticked

Don’t tick anything else, don’t even be tempted. Use good media & don’t copy on the fly unless reader & writer are on different channels.

Should this not be working then you have a DMA issue in the BIOS or Device Manager or you may not have 80 pin IDE ribbon cables for ATA 66/100 HDDs.

In reality you have EZ CD Coaster Creator on your system which was purposefully (I’m sure) designed so that nothing else could co-exist with it. Sure there are people with 18 burning proggys on their system with three versions of Coaster Cremator with no problems but this is the exception rather than the norm.

If you search this forum you will find that it is better to remove afore-mentioned proggy from your system. Roxio now own this software - please note my comment about Roxio in my by-line…

Hey FutureProof, I’ve almost been lynched for saying what you just have about cremator over at the Cdromguide board. It’s nice to hear the truth told to those who are otherwise unaware there’s much better software out there.

I’m sure that Roxio directors have signed up to one or two of the CDR forums you know. :smiley: The only good thing about EZCD 5 is Jewel case creator, and they still got the CD case size wrong with that!!! :smiley:

So what are the chances of a new seperate EZCD forum at CDFreaks then ??? LOL! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. I have now removed Easy Cd Coaster Creator as you called it and installed Nero in it’s place ! I will try burning a MS product with Clone Cd now to see if it works .