Clone cd & alcohol

I USE CLONE CD TO MAKE MY AUDIO IMAGES .ccd then I use clone audio protector , or ccd lock to protect the image, it burns protected in clone cd, fine…but when i use the same image and use alcohol, , software the cd’s come out unprotected, weird, and if I try to load the image in dameon tools it will not load after the image is protected, any one have any advice or do i have to make certain settings,

apparently the clonecd protection only works with clonecd.

clone and alcohol are not the best programs to use to copy audio cds anyway. you should try feurio!, exactaudiocopy, or (my current favorite) burnatonce for copying audio cds. they can do real digital audio extraction as opposed to the sector copying that clone and alcohol can provide.

nero and ezcd cremator both do excellent copies of audio cds too. as far as the protection is concerned i think you have already seen how useful it is. :smiley:

thanks alot for the info and advice, , but the whole thing is this, I want my audio cd’s to be protected, I make hundreds of copies, so I need a program that supports multiple cd’s at the same time,
alcohol, cd mate supports clone cd images, and support multiple cdr’s, but when i use those softwares the cd’s come out unprotected, I know the cd’s can still be copied, but the average people that the cd’s are going to will still have a hard time coping,
any suggestions, maybe another form of audio protection ,
i’m kinda stuck,

I’m running into the same problem. I produce training videos for industry. I can create a protected .mds/.mdf file and Alcohol can burn one copy fine. If I try to make multiples in my duplicator. I either get unprotected CD’s or coasters.

Tuff: When you burn your image select RAW/DAO as the data type. That should work. Let me know if it does and if you can make multiples.

Anyone else have any suggestions?


This thread is over 4 years old and I don’t believe anyone will be back to answer it. I have no problems making backups of non-protected discs to my two burners. Burning to multiple discs is resource dependant.