Clone CD/Alcohol 120 Help Image/Burning

Okay both Clone Cd and Alcohol120 are on there free trial you could jsut say I am cheap :P. anyways Ill start off with the problem for Clone cd and Philamber theory/why its not working for me heh.
First off i scanned it with A Ray and got this.

SecuROM detected -> D:\Root
SecuROM detected -> D:\Root

Now i went to Clone CD (Version and clicked “Read To Image File”
now when it finished i dl a .bwm file like told to by Philamber. WARCRAFT_III .bwm file one on this site. Than i opened Twinpeaks and i found the bwm. file but dont even have a clue to were the ccd. file is :confused: so thats as far as I got now if somone wants to the could post or email me. i might need a step by step super break down like exactly what to click. maybe i did somthing wrong in the settings or what not but …Now…

The Alcohol Problem. lol

I open Acohol 120% (trial still) and I put the cd in that im trying to burn and when I go to Image Making Wizard and the data type leaves and now the only thing i can change is Skip reding errors Data positon mesurment and
Sepertae image file every … and it defulted to NEVER SEPERATE. So i did it and it didnt work the first time but did the second time so now i just went to Image Burning Wizard click next and everything is blank and i cannot change anythign or click next. now maybe im doing it wrong or my settings or wrong so if somone wants to guide me this way also a step by step cause i have no clue what to do from here but a quick response would be very helpful…

Thank you