Clone cd

When I try to burn a disc clone cd tells me it doesnt have exclusive access to to drive D (burner) gives me option for abort retry ignore. I have tried to redetect but nothing worx as of yet. Any ideas?

I had the same problem, this should work, when you start up CloneCD and open the disc tray and place the CD in, DO NOT MANUALLY CLOSE! leave it open, then choose weather you want to read or copy CD, then when it asks you to select your CD reader double click on the one you placed the CD in the tray will Automatically close, this way CloneCD gets to access the drive before the operating system does. I hope this works.

I had something like this happen when I first loaded both CCD and Alcohol.
I forget what the problem was.
Maybe both progs were trying to load virtual drives or CCD didn’t like Alcohol’s virtual drive.

I often use Alcohol’s virtual drive but never use CCD’s virtual drive feature.

Make sure you’ve selected the physical drive you want to burn to and not a virtual drive. Perhaps remove the virtual drive.

Perfect tip! Thank you!