Clone CD slow burn DVD problem - help plz

Hi, can anyone help me? My problem is that Clone CD burns from .IMG file (DVD Video) really slow. I use Clone CD, i have DVD-RW Pioneer DVR-109 (internal) and writing to any disk (Imation 8x, 3Amedia 4x etc.) writes at max speed 153kbytes/sec (0.11x). Sometimes it jumps to normal speed and then slows down again. I have open only mozilla window and hidden DC++ while burning, no other programs running. My hardware configuration is strong though (Athlon64 3500+, 1GB DDR 400, 200GB S-ATA disk) so i dont see the reason why it can be so slow… it takes up to 6 hours to burn a disk. If i burn from other file (.ISO etc.) using Nero 6 it goes regular speed and DVD is done at time it suppose to be and i can do anything i want. Last try was burning DVD from .ISO (Nero6) and at the same time i was unRARing 4,6BG and over it i played Half Life 2 at maximum resolution and details plus DC++ in background. All was going well, DVD burned succesfully on time, RAR was succesfully unRARed and HL2 didnt shed even once, so problem probably is not in configuration of PC. I did upgrade firmware of DVD writer, im using Windows XP. What else can cause this Clone CD problem?

Hmmm… have you tried setting the CloneCD priority to Realtime in the Task Manager?

I just checked, it was on high, so i changed to realtime, but nothing happened, still burning that disc on 0.11x speed… 1:13:15 is burning and is on 26% :confused: