Clone cd problem

I have downloaded the latest version of clone cd in an attempt to burn sims 2. I have started clone cd and selected write from image file. so far so good, now when I select the ccd file for the first disk, no other options open up and the next button is greyed out. As a newbie to clone cd is anyone out there with any idea what to do next?

Regards Stretchy

Try doing the CD to CD button and re-reading it. Maybe reboot first.

It’s a bug in CCD, when there are dots “.” in the path of the image file the next button is greyed out because CCD doesn’t recognize the image file. I thought they’d fix it in this new release but they haven’t :(.

Thanks Seb_Lz, I renamed all the files to a shortened version and hey presto the next button became available. Your a life saver. :-)))

np you are welcome :slight_smile:

im haveing a problem when i try to use twinpeak i put in the ccd file and the bwa file and hit start it says cannot open image file

Yep, this is what I thought, too. I hate this damn bug. I have to rename my folders everytime I want to burn an image. Hope someone from the SlySoft-Team will reads this :smiley: