Clone Cd + Premium + SD v. 2.8?


i just bought the new clone cd version. after testing i found out that is not possible to get a working copy of splinter cell which has sd 2.8 with the plex premium. :rolleyes:

i tried many different settings but it´s always the same, without hide cdr media (toshiba 1712) it does not work. :sad:

reader toshiba 1712 or plex premium.

Read Speed: Max
Fast Error Skip: On

Write Speed: Max
Ignore Weak Sectors

i also tried the trial version of alcohol, which works fine. looks like i bought the wrong program! :confused:

does anybody also own the plex premium and get a working copy of sd v.2.80 with clone cd 5 without emulating and Amplify Weak Sectors?


Try with FES set to auto.