Clone Cd - Download Inside



  • New: CloneCD found a new home at SlySoft
  • New: Can now emulate SafeDisc 2.9 weak sectors!
  • New: Improved weak sector emulation!
  • New: Shiny Look under Windows XP
  • New: “Hide CDR Media” no longer needs to be disabled while using CloneCD
  • New: added support for more CD-Writers
  • New: New Online Keys
  • New: Added RegCloneCD.exe for new keycodes
  • Removed “Virtual CloneDrive” from Distribution, will be a separate download (or you can just use Daemon Tools)
  • Removed ControlElbyCDIO from distribution
  • Removed ElbyCrypt.dll
  • Removed ElbyCheck.exe
  • Removed support of CloneCD 2.x keycodes
  • Removed “Send E-Mail about a Device” function
  • Removed Microsoft HTML-Help
  • Removed input window for old keycodes
  • Fix: CloneCD Tray no longer interferes with Windows XP Task Bar
  • Fix: Hanging context help
  • Important Fix: ElbyCDIO reworked, many bugs fixed
  • Important Fix: Fixed problems with VIA IDE Busmaster drivers

What settings for sd2.9?
Are these the same profiles as we used for sd2.51+ in the previous versions of clonecd?

damn it! Still the tmp error with sd2.9.
So I guess it’s not fixed.:confused:
same patterns as before don’t work.
15fa and 3045