Clone CD 3061 released

I just posted the article Clone CD 3061 released.

Clone CD version 3061 release today !!!

New features

Hardware requirements updated.

Mitsumi 4808TE added.

CyberDrive CW-038D 16x12x40 added.

Added Portuguese Language Added Serbian…

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ahh. Yet another Update.

I found this program on CDRsoft sit, well b4 the news submitter, but seeing how I am a grown up indivual, I don’t play childish games such as I found it first. If we all act like adults we earn respect from the moderators. You can trust me on that. End of Transmission, data upload finished, system shut down 5 4 3 2 1 System off-line 10-4 I am outa here :4

the large font for the chinese language doesnt help…i still cant understand it!:+

Cool; thanks for the notice!

Need some help. I’ve been using the full clonecd for a whil, and suddenly today it asks me for the reg key again, but my key doesn’t work. Please help!

jimmytim, contact Olli, he’ll give you a new key IF you bought it, which you didn’t.

Thanks. And how did you know that I didn’t! I just uninstalled it and delete the folder and regkey and reinstall and put back the old key in and it is working now.

jimmyTim, Well I hope you enjoy uninstalling and reinstalling because your key will expire again in 21 days. Oh and since Olli does check this website frequently, he may see your post and ask the administrators for your IP Address so he can track you down so you can discuss piracy with his lawyer. :d

Hahahahahaha :4 :d !BUSTED! :d

Firstly, the installation in win2k works fine, no need to re-enter any regkeys. Secondly, the one asked for the key again is on winxp pro rc1, and I don’t like people calling me pirate for no reason!

Domino: Please don’t threat people here. And by the way we don’t give informations about our users to third parties just like that.

Zyron nothing personal to you OK, I just received your e-mail. In the past this kind of childish behaviour use too exist on this site such as I found it 1st. The msg was a formal warning to all other members not admins etc. I am just trying to keep the peace :7 Have a nice day