Clone CD

AMD Thunderbird 1400MHz with Via Chipset.
Plextor CD-R PX-W2410A
I burned many safe disc games and it worked fine, but the
AWS is off on the log when I’m burning.

I modified the registry bit from 0 to 1. And when I start recording from the image file, the log files says

Amplify weak sectors: No

How do I know if the Amplify Weak Sectors is on its on or not?
During the beginning of the installation it says that sinced I live in the US, the Amplify Weak Sector will be turned off. So I read the forums and made modifications to the amplifyweak on the registry.

change your regional settings to canada

Olli has stated in this forum and others that the registry hack is ineffective. Unfortunate but true.

Thank you Bart-s & portibiza

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