Clone CD & v3 available for download

I just posted the article Clone CD & v3 available for download.

New Clone CD version now available for download at elaboratebytes! Get it HERE

New features:

Added 16x, 20x and 24x Write Speed.

Added support for more CD-Writers (see…

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Tested both versions with the KG. Worked like a charm. The new beta 3 version really looks great with a lot of new options and settings… Great!

Glad to see the program improving but my LG CD-RW CED-8041B still isn’t supported :frowning: mo0od…

Can’t wait to try the Beta for Clone 3! :d

It works :), I just burn a copy of AOS II using my Acer 1832A and Clonecd V. 3. :8

CloneCD RuleZ Big Time !!! :wink:


Sweet! :4

2 Questions with CloneCD3: 1) What new settings? Yes the interface has changed but I really didnt see any new settings? 2) Is this beta a timed and when does it expire? As for that I think v2 was better cause you could change the settings before you burned after pressing the burn process you wanted… Ill see what happens when I try to burn something…