Clone Can't read files for BluRay



:confused:Hi, I have a Phillips/Lite On It burner- #DH-4B1S. It reads & writes non BluRay discs with no problem. I tried a BluRay film yesterday and it plays fine in the PC & my TV.

However, I tried to use Clone to back up its files and Clone gives me the following message: “Unable to ope file OE:/video_TS.IFO2”. (System can’t find files).

I changed the AnyDvd settings to BluRay 1st- then a message told me to use the AnyDvd HD setting for BluRay. That did nothing. When I put the disc in the burner a message comes up saying AnyDvd is scanning the disc, please wait. Then, I clicked on Clone and as soon as I clicked on the 2nd scrn I got the can’t read files message.

I have no idea how to make Clone work properly with BluRay. Can someone give me a hand on this? I thought the settings were right, but something isn’t. Thanks.


At this time CloneDVD does not support BD.


[QUOTE=~KIPPER~;2157694]At this time CloneDVD does not support BD.[/QUOTE]

I found that out @ their web site. There are many programs- which one(s) will work with BluRay if any?? Thanks.