Clone + audio



when i wanna copy an audio-cd with clone it copies but when i play it it has some rare things for example : track 2 at 1min 10sec loop …

old writer hp 7200i ( after exams > plex 16 ( for only 9100 bef ;))

P.S. don’t say wait until then plz


Try reading and writing the audio at a low speed like 4x… I had this problem myself too with an old Sony burner and when I read it at 4x it went fine :slight_smile:


I’ll try do do that

U’ll here from me … if it ain’t working



just catching up on this one and I don’t know if this can be of any use.
I’ve used clonecd to copy audio cd’s with a Compaq DVD-ROM to read and a Philips cdd3610 (I know,sigh) to write the copy. I always read at maximum speed. Now I’ve got a similar problem. Cd just not starting in some readers, loops …
I’ve never had any problems with this but my impression is that this started from the beta of clonecd onwards. The last time I tried was with also with a bad result.
Next time I’ll try with the new release and otherwise I’ll just fall back to 2.etc for my audio cds.