Clone and anydvd question

Looks like I have been purchasing rented DVD’s from the internet. I want to make a backup copy of these. I was told (someone on this fourm) that I can use cloneDVD and Anydvd to encode? the dvd so I can make a copy. I am very new to this and downloaded both of the programs before I buy. I tried doing this but I dont know where to start. Do I need to do something before I burn (encode) or? The pictures on the clone site are not the same thing that I have when I downloaded. I just have 4 writing tools that I can choose. On anydvd it just comes up with info and tabs at the top. Where and how do I start the process?

It is illegal to try and copy rented DVD’s! :frowning:

The only proper use for this or any copying software is to make backup copies of DVD’s that you own.

I have been purchasing rented DVD’s

If you are purchasing them then there is no problem, however if you are renting them then go away we will not help you.

i am having a problem with using clone2 and anydvd to make back ups of my kids dvds i am new to this and have tried everything am i suppose to do something befor i run cloe2 i keep getting a cylic redundancy error im sorry if i am not posting were i should this is my first time in any kind of a forum please help im lost and yes i have tried cleaning the dvd and still get the same error i have even used one of the kids brand new movie and still same error.

Try cleaning the surface of the original - it might simply be dirty, or it could just be too scratched up. If so, try another original

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