Clone a mac cd?

I want to copy an original of MAC OS 10.2 CD I got for free can I do this on my pc with clonecd or any other RAW writer ??

Well, I do not see why it would not be possible, seeing as Clone CD copies CDs 1:1, making it exactly the same as the original. Give it a try, and then you will be able to answer your own question.:slight_smile:

I will but I have nothing to test it on … :eek:

I used to play around with a Macintosh emulator under Win98SE called Basilisk II. It had basic CD emulation and could read Mac CDs. The emulator was free, but you needed the ROM image from either a Mac Classic or Mac II in order to use it.

I’ve duped Crapintosh stuff for the underprivileged with Clone and haven’t had any problems nor complaints.

cloneCD will make a 1:1 copy, for testing you will need to find a person with a mac :bigsmile:
but cloneCD will do the job

I use to burn mac cds with Discjuggler and never had a problem
Clone will do the job 2 :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replies and one of you even “volunteered” to test it :slight_smile: