Just tried the new version using a Plextor 24/10/40 and a Liteon 48/12/48 to copy Need For Speed HS 2 using the “Protected PC Game” profile and both failed.
I want to put the cd in and play. I don’t want to emulate or any thing else.
I burnt the same with Alcohol 120% and both copies work perfectly.
If I am doing something wrong with Clone, please tell me.

you not doing anything wrong cause if i remember correctly it uses newest secuROM which as of now cant be copied with CLONECD as of “yet” :slight_smile:

No, NFS HP2 uses Safedisc V2.8

I also cannot get a working backup of safedisc 2.8 with new version of CCD as reported in another post, it will be a big let down if you after use emulate weak sectors and hide cdr media.:frowning:

Yeap i cant burn a copy of a disk protected with SafeDisk 2.8.011 with CCD I have a 2 sheep burner (LG GCE-8320b) and with ALcohol it burns the same image flawlesly. I dont know what a i doing wrong. And im using Intel Application Accelerator, does it make any diffrence ? Uninstaled Intel Application Accelerator and still no change (burned another copy) so i think its not the fault of intel`s software but CCD ;-( Olli help :wink:

If you have a 2 sheep burner make sure you don’t have ampilfy weak sectors enabled when you write you get a coaster.