Clone beta query

could someone tell me what the difference is between clone beta and clone which is what i currently have.
i have had problems with clone and wondered if beta would be worth trying instead.

I believe they are the same internally, but CloneCD v3 offers On The Fly copying which is not supported in version 2. So it wouldn’t make a big difference if you upgraded, but it also couldn’t hurt…

Well, it is “VERY” different “under the hood”:

Version 30 April 2001 (4th public beta release)
New features:

Added “Copy Profiles” which can be loaded and saved.
Added some example profiles.
Added more language files.
Compatibility fixes and improvements:

Hardware requirements updated.
Problems with HP Writers solved.
Bug fixes:

Several HP CD-Writers didn’t work with CloneCD3 BETA.
Read problems with Plextor PX-40 and TEAC 532S (finally solved???)
“Burn Proof” Buffer Settings were not used when “On the Fly” copy was done.
Timeout problem in ElbyCDIO.vxd (Windows 95/98/ME) fixed

Version 23 April 2001 (3rd public beta release)
New features:

Added separate Buffer settings and Buffer Defaults for “Burn Proof / Just Link / Seamless Link”
Added Multi-Language Help file Starter.
Added support for CDR Media > 90min.
Compatibility fixes and improvements:

Hardware requirements updated.
Bug fixes:

Possible hang after writing fixed (RICOH, AOPEN, MUSTEK and other recorders).
Some wrong information in Hardware requirements changed.

Version 20 April 2001 (2nd public beta release)
New features:

Added support for all the remaining JustLink Recorders, e.g. MUSTEK MRW-121032
Added support for HP CD-Writer+ 9700i (both models with and without BurnProof)
Added support for HP CD-Writer+ 9900i (DVD Combo Drive)
Added French language file (if you have comments on the translation, write to
Added Swedish language file
Compatibility fixes and improvements:

Hardware requirements updated.
Workaround for problems with MaPower external USB cases when reading CD-Text
Bug fixes:

Firewire and USB units did not work with Windows NT/2000.
Fixed reading of Subchannel Data with HP CD-Writer+ 9500b
Possible hang after simulated writing fixed.
JustLink feature was not implemented correctly.
Some wrong information in Hardware requirements changed.

Version 18 April 2001 (1st public beta release)
This is a completely reworked CloneCD. It is better, faster and more reliable than any previous version!

New features:

Major redesign of all functions.
“Copy on the Fly” added, including copy of Subchannel Data, ISRC numbers, Catalog Numbers, CD+G, CD+Midi, PreGaps and Indices WITHOUT the need of time consuming “Subchannel Scans” before the start (requires DAO-RAW capable writer).
Own Memory Allocation, which prevents Windows to “swap out” buffers. This works with Windows 9X/ME and Windows NT/2000!
Error skipping with several CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs (e.g., TOSHIBA) up to 3 times faster!
CloneCD can be launched several times. If you start CloneCD several times, you can write the same image file on different recorders at the same time!
Added optional creation of “Cue-Sheets”. “Cue-Sheets” can be used to process images created with CloneCD with many other CD-Writing applications, e.g. Nero.
Added option to abort on read errors.
Some options which only confused people have been removed.
Improved SAO-RAW mode. SAO-RAW mode can now copy MultiSession, CD-Extra, ISRC Numbers, Catalog Numbers, Gaps and Indices.
Added “SAO” (without RAW) mode, so the “rest of the MMC CD-Writers” is now supported as well (SONY CRX-100, HP8100, Toshiba SDR-1002, just to name a few)
Redesigned File I/O.
All I/O operations are now timed to prevent, that CloneCD “hangs” forever.
Redesigned UI. Easier to use.
All functions can be controlled by the keyboard.
UI improved for blind or visually impaired people.
Added “Wait for Disc Insertion” Sound.
Demo Version now writes at full speed and saves all settings.
Demo Version is restricted to 21 days of trial time.
Locale Editor allows you to create your own localized CloneCD version.
Language can be switched “on the fly”.
Added “ccddriver.dll”. If support for new CD-Writers is added in a future version, only this small file needs to be updated.
Many more CD-Recorders are supported, e.g. ACER CD-RW 1208 including CD-Text / CD+G writing and Seamless Link, AOPEN CRW1232-A/Pro including Just Link, NEC NR-7700A including Burn Proof, RICOH 7125 including Just Link, SANYO BP1500 and SANYO BP5 including 24x writing and Burn Proof, just to name a few.
Compatibility fixes and improvements:

Hardware requirements updated.
Bug fixes:

Fixed page locking bug in ElbyCDIO driver for Windows 9x/ME.
Fixed bug in Setup program, which caused the ElbyCDIO driver not always to be updated correctly.
Many minor bugs fixed.

These are just extra features and not a ‘real’ difference between the two, right ? Version uses the same writing/reading methods as, or am I mistaking ?

“In principle” they are similar, yes.
But with CloneCD 3 the same features are implemented pretty differently (IMHO better).

thanks for your replies.i will give clone 3 a try,hopefully it may have a fix in it to solve my writing problems with my hp8250i(8200a).