New version out today
Oliver Kastl from Elaborate Bytes released a new CloneCD. As announced earlier this one supports a lot more burners and uses SAO like BlindWrite does. Before you celebrate the added support of you writer note that SAO will only help defeat a few protections…

New features:

Added Session-At-Once (SAO) RAW writing! More CD-Writers are supported with this new write mode. Please note, that Disc-At-Once (DAO) RAW is still the preferred “native” mode of CloneCD, and that not all features will work with SAO-RAW writing.
As DAO-RAW is the “real” CloneCD write mode, only recorders capable of this mode are listed on the Hardware requirements page.

Please note, that SAO RAW writing has the following restrictions, which do not apply to DAO-RAW mode:

  1. MultiSession is not allowed yet, therefore CD-Extra and PhotoCDs can’t be copied with this mode.
  2. “Crazy Disc Layouts” can’t be written. This is a restriction of SAO writing, not of CloneCD!
  3. Any copy protection relying on Subchannel Data will probably not be copied. This is a restriction of SAO writing, not of CloneCD!
  4. Media Catalog Numbers (MCN) and International Standard Recording Code Numbers (ISRC) will not be recorded yet.
  5. Indices and Pauses on Audio CDs will not be recorded yet.
  6. Depending on the recorder model, Tracks smaller than 4 seconds and Enhanced CDs can’t be recorded.

Minor cosmetic changes

Compatibility fixes and improvements:

TEAC CDR-56S & CDR-58S (native mode, do not jumper the drive to mimic a TEAC CDR-55S!):
Added reading of Subchannel Data.
Write support with SAO-RAW+SUB and SAO-RAW mode. (BETA feature)

Sometimes CloneCD allowed this drive to read Subchannel Data from Data tracks, but the delivered data was garbage. Enhanced the checks, if Subchannel Data is valid.
Write support with SAO-RAW+SUB and SAO-RAW mode (BETA feature, tested with Firmware 2.21).

RICOH 7040A & 7060A:
Write support with SAO-RAW+SUB and SAO-RAW mode. (BETA feature)

YAMAHA recent models:
Write support with SAO-RAW mode. (BETA feature)

All recorders which use DAO-RAW mode with 16 bytes Subchannel Data (PHILIPS, ACER, ALDI, ARAL, TEVION, HP 7100i, HP7200i, etc.):
Faster device scan.

Bug fixes:

When the reading was aborted and Subchannel reading was on, trying to write the partial image could cause the following error: “*.sub file and *.img file do not match”, if the reading device had a Subchannel / Mainchannel offset (e.g., all Toshiba CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs)