Clone 1 TCE

I have ripped a DVD to my Hard Drive, and upon trying to transcode it with Clone DVD i recieve this error. It always seems to happen at 98%. I’ve transcoded it over 5 times and everytime get this error. Help?

Have you tried a search on this one? Or even looked a little farther down the list of threads…?



could you please post or send to bugs (at) some details of your environment:

  • version of CloneDVD
  • selected titles, streams and subtitles
  • menus selected?
  • what DVD has been used (title, region)
  • any additional information about the DVD if available
    • format (e.g. widescreen)
    • DVD release date
    • additional features (bonus material)
    • ASIN (10 digits), EAN (13 digits) or UPC (12 digits)
    • streams and subtitels available on the DVD

Thank you.

yes pete i have and found no answer to my error. have you looked?

I selected all of the Video_TS folder.
menus included
Field of Dreams, Region? NTFS i think that’s what you’re asking, it’s from the US

Thanks. We will try to reproduce the problem.
BTW: what is the release date of the DVD? (on Amazon there are two versions from 2003 and 1998; the latter being out of stock)

the 1989 release

thanks :slight_smile: