Clone Discussion thread


#1 2016-01-14
new: check for available profile updates in device mode
new: filter downloadable devices using search patterns
new: support for home made videos
new: support for Pinnacle produced discs
new: support for more set-top boxes (STB) that create blu-ray like discs
change: assume provided screen resolution in profile list is always to be landscape format (corrects “native” resolution display for several devices)
change: add video resolution limit entry (applies to for example: ipad, max: 1280x720)
change: prevent user error: don’t allow attempted creation of files larger than 4GB on FAT/FAT32 file systems.
fix: double-clicking the cover button (designed for single-click) on the input page could crash CloneBD
fix: size preselection for BD output dropdown on output page did not take audio compression into account when graying out insufficient sizes (esp. BD-5 and BD-9)
fix: MKV profile for permanent subtitles (not selectable) was broken
fix: possibility to create file names containing multiple dots
fix: to prevent dll sideload attack, installer copies itself to a safe directory. Thanks to Stefan Kanthak for pointing this out.
fix: uninstaller is now started from program directory, not temp
fix: multi-clip playlists sometimes not completely converted to file (MP4/MKV, example: Legend of the Guardians, EUR)
fix: allow for multiple subviews in MVC streams
fix: skip broken frames at the end of some clips
fix: audio decoding problems with some Star Wars movies
fix: more non-standard frame rates of video
fix: vc-1 crashes with some interlaced formats
fix: unresponsive transcoding when too many subtitles are selected
fix: some discs (mostly Warner) wouldn’t play on some standalone players (mostly Panasonic)
fix: some movies resulted in slightly pixelated video when converting to lossless video MKV
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


Already and woo what a list…???