Clondedvd, anydvd, playback freezing?

hi all,

im having some difficulties in playing the dvds. after backing up the dvd using clonedvd and anydvd in the backround. After copying i play it in a LG dvd player, for some reason, near the end of the movie or begining, the dvd seems like its having trouble reading the dvd and it feezes for a sec or 2 then plays for a few seconds and repeats this cycle.

My second dvd player (Dual) doesnt seem to have this problem on most of the dvds but has something completely different, when i put the dvd in, it wont read it for the 1st time and starts making a clicking noise, i have to eject it and put it back in and it plays fine?

its not cheap dvds as ive tried several brand, my software is updated as well, have i got any wrong settings on this software??


My first suggestion to you is try burning a disk at a slower speed such as 4x and see if that solves the problem. CloneDVD is set at Max by default, I set mine at 4X and seldom have a problem.

If that doesn’t help, read your burners manual and see what media they suggest, also make sure your firmware is the latest. Usually when a manufacturer upgrades the firmware, it includes additional media the drive is compatible with. Media is constantly changing so upgrading your firmware is a wise idea. My experience shows some cheap media has a tendency to skip and freeze near the end (outer rim) but unsure why yours is skipping and freezing in the beginning. What media are you using?

i set mine as 4x even though the discs are 8x, i have “liveupdate” running which has updated everything, the only thing from what your saying might be the problem is the dvd drive itself. It wasnt the most expensive and to be honest ive never heard of the make “ibox”, for updates.

I should of got the pioner dvd burner but thought i would save some money and get this cost me £49.99 or $80-$90

Just one question, i also print on the cds using my epson R200 cd printer, i put the settings as best, i dout that would make any difference?

Also forgot my dvds are Ritek 8x silver reflection tops for better printing on

A firmware update of the writer might help as well.


I never heard of a Ibox DVD writer, but perhaps they’re more prevalent in Europe.

It appears that you’ve updated your firmware to the latest using the link you indicated. From that link I saw the unit does have bitsetting capabilities.

You can try using the bitsetting utility that appears on the same download page as the firmware update. Also download the bitsetting users guide that has instructions. What bitsetting does is changes a DVD+ disc to a DVD-Rom disk, this is the format used on original store bought DVD’s.

In simple terms, it fools the DVD player into thinking it’s an original, thus making it more compatible with most standalone DVD players. YOU MUST USE DVD+ MEDIA ONLY, bitsetting does not work with DVD- media. Use the utility to change a new DVD+ before you burn the movie, won’t work after it is burned. You must do this for each disk you plan to burn. The firmware on my Liteon burner is customized and any DVD+ I put in will always burn as DVD-Rom. I have loaned my disks to over a dozen people with all kinds of players and never had one complaint about the disk not working properly.

The Ritek media is not the best, but it is very good media and really should not be causing the problems you describe unless you got a bad lot. You didn’t mention if it was + or -.

Unsure if these media types are readily available in the UK, but try buying a small pack of Maxell or FujiFilm (made in Japan only, NOT TAIWAN) of DVD+ and use the bitsetting utility to see if you can get a successful burn. In my opinion Taiyo Yuden is the best media available but sometimes hard to find at a reasonable cost, the FujiFilm made in Japan are usually Taiyo Yuden.

To verify who the manufacturer is download the free DVDInfopro from

Insert the media, click on the media icon , top far left, and it will tell you the manufacturer.

Your Riteks should be indicating RicohJPN002.

I don’t use printed labels myself or print directly on a DVD but from what I’ve read it should not cause any problems. You can easily verify this by burning the DVD and not printing on it, if it skips and freezes you can rule out the printing caused the problem.