Cloncd and MOHAA backup generation

I have been trying ang trying to make a backup copy of MOHAA. I am using clonyxxl and clonecd 4. I am also using a liteon 24x10x40x and would like to know what i am doing wrong. I am reading the dissk with clony and opening up clonecd 4 from the clonyxxl window. Once the clonecd program is open i am using the clonyxxl settings icon but the burn is not happening what am i doing wrong

Please give us some information on what you’re trying to do exactly? I don’t use ClonyXXL and you don’t really need it anyway. Just read& write the disc with the default Game Profile should do the trick. Just check before writing that AWS is disabled for your writer. Right click on your writer when writing the image (second CloneCD button) and disabled the ‘Allow AWS’ option.

The only reason i’m using clonyxxl is because I read that it worked but i will try you’r method ps what does aws stand for

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