Clock trouble on 5007 from Sears

Hi all- Thanks for reading. I bought the Lite-On 5007 yestereday at Sears. I immediately hacked it to the 3 hour and MV free firmware. What i noticed is that now no matter what time i set my clock at,it always goes 1/2 hour behind the real time and then i can’t re-set it without having to unplug the machine.

For example,if i set it for 2 PM,in a half hour it will then show the time a hour an hour late. Like at 3 pm,it will show 2:30 PM.

But here’s the funny part. Today i tried to set it one-half hour ahead,thinking that if it lost a half an hour it would be on time LOL.Well,it then backs up an HOUR to make it still behind the correct time by 1/2 hour,just like before.

Does anyone have any thoughts ? I searched and saw a few people who had a similar problem and they said it corrected itself after the TV Guide function downloaded but mine did that and still goes back exactly 1/2 hour and stays that way. It doesn’t lose anymore time or any less,exactly 1/2 hour.

Tom :slight_smile:

OK,i have changed to the latest unhacked firmware to see if that took care of the trouble .I will update my findings just in case anyone else has the same problem.