Clips from homemade DVD to VCD

I had my old home movies transferred to VHS and then to DVDs and now I want to clip bits from them to make VCDs for various folks. I have Nero 7 Ultra Edition and thought I could use Nero Recode to clip bits and make a little VCD but am stuck. The DVD will play on my computer using Real Player only so I can’t use the Nero Showtime (not sure I need to?).

The folders on the DVD are labeled VIDEO_RM and VIDEO_TS.

Where do I go from here? Do I need new equipment? How can I capture a short
clip to put on a CD?

Thanks for any help.

It looks like when you converted to dvd you may have converted to a real media player format instead of normal dvd. What file types are in the VIDEO_RM and the VIDEO_TS folders?

Thanks for the reply ripit. The transfer was done by a commercial company, butthey were more than unhelpful with my problem. Maybe I wasn’t asking the right question.

The icon above the DriveF: DVD_VR has a Real Player icon. It opens using Real Player, and it plays but when I explore the files listed within (by clicking on “explore” and “properties” show that they ‘openswith Nero Showtime’, but when I click on those and Neroshow comes up, the seconds start rolling, but the screen is blank.

Will this info help? When I explore DVD_VR two folders come up VIDEO_RM and VIDEO_TS. When I click on those, the VIDEO_RM has 4 files, all of which say ‘opens with Nero Showtime’. CHPTDF properties file type is ‘video cd movie’. Next three file types are labeled video_rm, Properties show one is a backup of IFO one is video cd movie and the last is dvd movie info. Opening the folder VIDEO_TS shows 10 files:

  1. Video_ts File type ‘back up of the IFO’
  2. Video_ts File type’DVD movie info’
  3. Video_ts File type ‘DVD Movie’
  4. VTS_01_0 file type’ back up of IFO’
  5. VTS_01_0 ‘DVD movie info’
  6. 6 thru 10 are numbered VTS_01_1 through 5.

Sorry if this is too much info.

I would try playing various files under the VIDEO_TS folder with nero showtime, in particular VTS_01_1 through 5 (particularlly if they have a .VOB file extention. These look like normal dvd format files. It kind of looks like the disk was made to be dvd compatible as well as real media player compatible. A normal dvd will Have a VIDEO_TS folder that will contain .VOB, .BUP, and .IFO files. A normal dvd might also contain an AUDIO_TS folder that is only for compatibility reasons (older dvd formats if I am not mistaken) and the audio folere if present is usally empty. The .BUP and .IFO files are dvd formating files. The .VOB files are the actual video files. The .VOB files are standard mpeg 2 files (thats what dvd uses). If files 6 through 10 are vob files and play with nero showtime (or windows media player), try copying just those files to your hard drive, change the file extentions from .VOB to .MPG or .MPEG (cannot remember which but it wont hurt anything to try both). If it works and these play, then you now have standard mpeg 2 files that can be handled by any editing and authoring software. I know that nero can make a vcd from one or multiple files but I’m not sure about editing (it kind of sounded like you wanted to take the video and cut clips out). I’m not sure if nero does editing or not. I’m fairly certain it does but have not used nero for editing before.
Anyway, check out the files and see if they are as I described and if they work in the manner I described. If so let me know and I’ll see what I can find on editing (or perhaps someone else farmiliar with editing in nero can help).

Ripit, you are so informative! Thanks. I will try what you have suggested and get back to you in a day or two (stuff is piling up to be done). Thanks again for your reply!