Clipping ?-mp3 gain



well iv been using mp3 gain fo some time now…
just an opinion i needed…
well the default it says-89db…but peeps recomm using 91 db…

but most of my mp3’s(old rock stuff -& hip hop) are upwards of 93 going upto 100,the lowest is 90 db and though mp3 gain indicates clipping on most of them…i think they sound ok…

i wanna make audio cds of them …if i use 91–they all will become too low.

what should i do…


You can use Maximum noclip album or track gain. This will make your mp3’s have the maximum volume possible with no clipping.


,ya,i am aware of mx no clip
also by changing the db on top i hav figurd out that at 92 only 1 track out of 80 will hav clippping,
but my question is if it sounds awright…is it ok to keep them at 95 or sumthin.(cause i dont wan them to sound too low).or shd i absolutelly stick to max no clip…?? :confused:


Well you can use what setting you want :slight_smile:
Generally most clipping is difficult to hear.