Clip original recording date

I am new to both - the forum and video editing. I tried to scan the already available posts but I feel at the edge of illiteracy - half of the words seem to have unknown meaning to me. So please treat me like a child.

I am trying to figure out following:

I captured digital footage into the editing software (Adobe Premiere LE and Pro) by use of iLink. All seem to work OK - I get the avi file, which I can view and edit.

However, looking in the clip properties I can not find any information about the clip original recording date. Is there a way to get it from Adobe ?

If I capture the same footage in Click to DVD software, the whole movie is saved as many single clips (split by record start / stop action) as files with .DV extension. If I view it in Quick Time I can see in the “movie properties” the original recording (creation) date. I can then import them into the Adobe Premiere LE. Works fine.

If I try to do the same with Adobe Pro I get the message;
“No importer found that supports this file type”.

Click to DVD and Premiere LE came preinstalled with my computer, Pro was installed afterwards. Is there any way to make Pro read Click to DVD files ?

Klapouszek :o