Clint eastwood is back



CLINT EASTWOOD is back with a new movie.
It is going to be a holiday release which is going to
bring controversy for sure. The movie is GRAND TURINO
and for those who saw the limited early release then you
know why it’s controversial. Have a good holiday
and enjoy ZAP.:bigsmile::bigsmile:


i seen it already…

it’s within my 3 best films of the year. (i watch quite a bit of movies in general to, for whatever that’s worth :wink: )

in no order, here is the best three films i seen this year…

The Dark Knight - Felon ( - Gran Torino ( … all three of which i give a 9/10… which are the ‘stand out’ films of the year in my opinion even though there’s quite a few other films that are pretty good to.

p.s. i did not put a IMDB link to The Dark Knight since everyone knows what that is if you watch movies even somewhat. lol

also, even though the Eastwood movie aint out til Christmas and not out nationwide til Jan 2009… it’s already ‘out’ if you know what i mean :wink: