Clicks between tracks on a burned cd

Hi. I’m new here… trying to figure out a problem.

I am a home recorder, and I master my songs on Sound Forge XP Studio. In the past I have used the track-at-a-time burning available in Sound Forge to make CD’s. This works fine, but it’s a pain to sit around for the 20 minutes or so it takes to do it.

The other day I used Windows Media Player to turn a bunch of songs into a playlist, then burn that. It seemed to work flawlessly and quickly. However, the finished CD has a click or pop noise between the tracks. Every time a track ends, there’s a loud click before the next one starts.

Any suggestions on what may be causing this, and how to fix? I know the sound isn’t in the wav file. I’ve seen vague comments on the net about the track header and footer, and the sectors (75/second) but I don’t know if this is really the issue, or if I’m following the wrong trail. It seems to me that this would be a common problem since my setup and software is pretty typical. Thanks in advance for the help.

I had the same problem with nero and some tracks i cut with cooledit pro.
I don’t know where the noise (at the end of a track) came from, perhaps some non audio info.
I resolved the problem by installing feurio and burning the tracks with feurio.

So save the tracks to wave, download feurio (trial version) from and start burning

EZCD Creator seems to cause this A LOT. Usually the solution was to change burner programs.

how did you go with feurio ?

That’s fabulous ! Just go in there before you burn a CD, check all files you gonna burn by magnifying at the very end of the track, preferably in 1:1 scale . And when ( if ) you see a “splash” there, simply cut it with the Cut ( scissors ) tool. That’s it.
The normalizing ( in Sound Forge or/and EAC ) sometimes helps to get rid of those.
But the “scissoring” is the most certain way ( to me ) to make one’s tracks clicks-free.
Nero Wave Editor is good at that stuff as well.


I’ve been using Feurio for quite a while and in my mind that’s not a cure in this case. But…I stress, this is my and only experience.

Thanks for all of your advise. As it turns out, Windows Media Player doesn’t handle summary information in wav files (which SoundForge saves by default).

If you open a wav file in SoundForge and then go to File/Save As…, you’ll notice there’s a button for summary info, and a checkbox that says to Save Summary Information With file (or something similar). That information, if it is saved, is read by Media Player as a click, which you get to hear at the end of most or all CD tracks. If you just uncheck the box and re-save the wav file, the click goes away magically.

It’s stupidity on the part of Media Player, but that’s okay-- it’s not intended as the end-all CD burning program. But this solution did work for me and makes Feurio unnecessary (in my situation).

Thanks again!

The box is checked and it’s called “Save metadata with file”

Since I don’t use WMP for that matter, could you then suggest what impact Sound Forge ( btw, mine is 6 ) might have on other players ?

It might be the same, might be different. More advanced burning programs will interpret the summary info correctly and burn it as part of the track (non-audio). Media Player is a low-level program, particularly with regard to burning CD’s, so it doesn’t handle it right. My suggestion would be to save your SF files with that box checked, then test whatever program(s) you are using to burn-- do one test CD per program, if applicable. Listen to them and see if you have a click at the end of each track. If no clicks, your burning program is more advanced than WMP, and you don’t need to worry.

Frankly, I don’t . Since I use the best one - Feurio !

And as for clicks and stuff. Shit happens, very seldom though ( and mostly w the dl’ed trax )
Nevertheless, when it does, I simply cut 'em with the “scissors” and burn again. Kinda primitive but it works for me.

Really appreciate your answers ! Thanks a lot !