Clicks and pops in the wav file... help

I have searched the past year on the forum and can’t find any messages re this problem.
When I rip a track into a wave file I am getting clicks and pops in the wave file. This just started a couple of days ago.
Doesn’t matter if I use the Samsung or Acer.
I have used EAC, EZCDC 5.0 and Cool Edit Pro to extract the audio from the CD into a wav file. Same results.

Player … Samsung DVD-ROM SD 640
Writer … Acer 2010A - 202
1 GHZ system
512 Mb ram


Update your sound card driver. Make sure your sound card’s not sharing IRQ w/ another device. Did you install any new programs in the past week?

I installed Windows Media series 9 a few days ago. Figuring this might be interfering I un-installed it this morning and ran regclean also.
Now original cd’s seem to rip ok. CD’s that I have previously burned and want to edit still have clicks and pops.
Sound card is built into SIS 730 mother board. I have downloaded new drivers a few months ago. Also I have a few friends that are local musicians here in town and burn their own cd’s. I work with one of the artists and edit in Cool Edit Pro 2.0. I usually use Easy CD Creator to rip his tracks into the HD and open into Cool Edit for editing. These tracks have clicks/pops.
Could the Windows MediaSeries 9 players have changed some settings for the cd readers/writer?

WMP 9 is quite a PITA, I would avoid installing it on WinXP if you aren’t planning to use it as your primary A/V player. It’s possible that brought about the clicks and pops, but I suspect it’s a hardware problem. Do you have a 2nd PC where you can test the tracks. BTW, is there’a update for Cool Edit? Might want to try that also.

HMMM whats a PITA?
Yes I have a second PC, but not hooked up. I’ll do that today.
Syntrillium also has a BETA CD burning plug in for Cool Edit, but it doesn’t see my burner. I’ll un-install that also.