Clicks and pops after ripping Audio-CDs with Plextor PX-W4824A

There are clicking and popping sounds in my WAV-files after having extracted them from Audio-CDs with my Plextor PX-W4824A, Firmware Rev. 1.04 !!

I tried every speed and error correction method with different tools, but it just won’t do it right. (UDMA is set to enabled)

My 3-year-old LG DVD-ROM works perfectly (although only at 15x)

Machine is a P3 900, 1 GB RAM, Asus Intel-BX-Board, Soundblaster Live !

OS is W2k SP3, fully patched

Anyone with similar experiences ???

Did you try to read a Cactus disc?

i had that once. It was caused by a bad release of the audio drivers. The noises where only there when i listened to it, but not afther the burn

Is the popping noise also there when you burn the wave’s to cd and listen them in a stand alone player??

No, the discs are clean and free from scratches.

the audio drivers are ok. The effect ONLY appears in WAV-files that I ripped using my plextor (clearly audible when playing the ripped tracks with winamp, media player …, noises are reproducible every time at the same exact position)
Directly playing the CD in either drive (LG / Plextor) or a standalone player causes no problems.

It appears to me that the extraction process with the plextor corruptes the files. - VERY STRANGE !!

Any ideas ???

alexnoe wasn’t referring to you using a clean disc or not. He’s asking if you’re ripping an audio disc protected with the Cactus Data Shield protection. When rippin audio discs protected with this protection you can hear clicks and pops in the extracted tracks.

How is your Plextor PX-W4824TA drive set-up? It’s recommended to run it as Master instead of Slave on the IDE-channel. Installing the latest drivers for your soundcard is also recommended.

Also, which software are you using to extract the tracks? When you have a Plextor drive I would recommend using the PlexTools software since it has some advanced DAE options.

Please report back…

i mean …did you burn the noise poluted waves to a cd and then listen to it??
are they on that copy??

No, I think the discs aren’t protected since my much older DVD-ROM can cope with them.
I use e.g. “exact audio copy” or the Nero grabbing feature.
PlexTools generate the same effect.

But it happens only with few CDs which (like I mentioned before) all can be extracted fine using different drives.

… “scratched-to-death-CD’s” (> 10 years old) are also no problem for the Plextor, not a single jump or click.

Strange.I also have a 48X:er and it runs as a slave! and using Plextools not one single pop or click or nothing bad at all.Try rip it at 4 or 8x´s and see if it changes./gs

I had this other problem with the W4824TA, with my first unit, TLA#0000, August 2002, Made in Japan.

It is a fault with the drive, no matter what software, PC setup, CD-R discs, burn speed, WAV file, VariRec (+2/+1/0/-1/-2) on the fly etc… Where ever I played a written audio CD-R, I always had that static coming from the right channel… Any setup, ie. Master/Slave/ Promise U133 controller, firmware versions 1.00, 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 - I still had the problem. It read perfectly, had the vibration issue (because it didn’t have the new mold [pre October mfg date] and even on data CD’s it would write sectors unreadable in various software…

How did I fix, got it replaced with a brand spanking new W4824TA SE, TLA#0103, Dec 2002, Made In Japan = a perfect unit! :slight_smile:

Is this it also, or only when performing DAE? - are you positively sure its the extracted WAV, or the recorded WAV? I have seen quite a few cases of my problem and the W4824TA in early harware revisions unfortunately. If it is the extracted WAV - forget it, I threw this in as an insight incase you mistaken :slight_smile: