Clicking noises on power calubration?

I have a lite-on LTR-52327S. I am using feurio to burn an audio CD. When the stage “power calibration” is in process the drive seems to whizz up and then start clicking/croaking and stop and start clicking/croaking again. It does this about 5 times then manages to start burning.
Is this croaking noise ruining my drive? The audio discs play fine espicially now i have {CD 1081} Verbatim Datalife Plus Printable (48x) 80 Minute CDR in Spindle Tubs of 5 from SVP…

Thanks 4 all you help :slight_smile:


Still never solved this… sometimes it burns… sometimes it spins up and down 4eva… I’m using my NEC to burn cd’s atm, please help…

Now it never burns, just whizzers up and down :frowning:

You answered your own question, pretty much. Time to replace the drive.

Of course, try it on a different system first, but you can bet it won’t help.

:frowning: alrite… now i wont have a good drive 4 copying protections… :frowning: oh well