Clickable text on menu in NeroVision Express

I have Nero 6 Ultra and I can make DVD movies without any problems, but I’m trying to get my menus to look a bit more professional. Instead of having the buttons to click on I want to have some text instead, such as, ‘Main Movie, Scenes, Special Features, Setup’ etc. Is there a way I can do this in NeroVision Express?

not sure if this is what you are after, but, after you have added the video file/s click next. there are many options for creating meuns with different texts etc available on the right. also, if you right click the default button in the project pane and choose properties then you will have more options

I want to insert text instead of a button. When you hold the cursor over ‘buttons’ you get a list of different buttons you can add to your menu. There should be a ‘text only’ option. There may be updates to NeroVision Express on the Nero website that will let me do that.

oh, thatz easy…you MUST play around with ALL options. use rightclick as much as possible. use NO buttons.

I know this topic is kinda old, but I also want to make text instead of buttons.
Can anyone help me please? I use NeroVision 3

Or does anyone know how to have several different buttons in NV3?
I mean different buttons in one menu?