Click 'N Burn Plus


I have Click 'N Burn software, but their site does not show that my 32123s Lite-On is supported. Has anyone used the Click 'N Burn software with the Lite-On?

BTW, I could just install the software and try it out. However, I’ve found that it’s not always possible to get rid of cd-burning software, and I’d rather not gook-up my system if it can be avoided.


Bob Anderson

I couldn’t get the latest Click N’ Burn to work with my Liteon (even though it is supposed to support the 40x). I have been in contact with them a bunch of times and finally they told me that there was a glitch with their software and Liteons. They even offered a refund. :cool:

Thanks Ken. I’ll pass on Click 'N Burn and try something else.

Bob Anderson