Click at the end of short tracks

I reported previously that I was getting a click noise at the end of a lot of burned tracks. I fixed this by not saving summary information with the .wav file in SoundForge (Windows Media Player doesn’t read the summary correctly and tries to interpret it as audio data).

Now I have a new and unrelated problem, but with the same end result: a loud click at the end of some tracks. This is exclusively related to track length. Anything shorter than about 40 seconds ends in a click. Longer tracks do not do this.

I originally posted this in the software forum, but I’m fairly sure this isn’t really a software problem. I’ve seen the same issue doing track-at-a-time burning in SoundForge, and doing whole CD burning in Media Player. Neither are exceptional burning programs, but I don’t think they would both have the same problem (it’s such a specific issue).

So the question is, what’s causing it and is it fixable? I’ve been working around it by piggy-backing each short track at the end of the previous track, but it irritates me to have to do this. I’d like to be able to listen to the tracks as I wrote them.

can you try and burn the tracks with a special designed piece of software for audioburning like feurio and see of the problem still exsist

I just tried Feurio, and it seems to have fixed the problem… go figure! Thanks for the help. I still wonder what the heck the issue was though.