Cliché question: which is the burner for my needs?

I love this forums but man now im REALLY confused…

I need to backup some of my PS2 DVD games and some of my DVD movies and have decided that the time for buying a DVD recorder is now…

Ive seen 100ths of posts in this forums and couldnt find a simple answer… I need a simple DVD burner, nothing too fancy, that can backup my stuff.
Im specially concerned about PS2 DVDs (will it read any kind of DVD-R?)

ive been considering the models below, what do u think?

  • Philips ReWriter Internal DVD+RW/CD-RW Drive — DVDRW208
  • Hewlett-Packard Internal DVD Writer — DVD200xi
  • Sony Internal DVD+RW/CD-RW Drive — DRU-120A

Another concern is about PS2 DVD protection: as far as i know, i can copy any original DVD right?

Any help will be of tremenduos value, TIA!!!

PS2 can read DVD±R media, but may fail with crap media.

I see that you are confused :stuck_out_tongue: The Philips DVDRW 208 can only write dvd+rw, but no dvd+r… so it’s pretty useless.

Why not take a DVD±R(W) combo drive?

How about a Pioneer A04/104 ?

Seems to be the prefered drive by most. :slight_smile:

do you have a combo drive to recommend? if its not too expensive (US$400+), i can consider one…

else, ill take lazzas advice and try a modest pioneer 104… if it does the trick and its cheaper than it may be the choice for this moment as the fight between formats roll on and on…

also, if you know a site with good price on pioneer 104, please let me know… im brazilian, but i can ask a friend of mine to bring me one of those…

tnx a million for you help!!!

The Sony DRU500A should be available soon and should be below 400$

There was a coupon code to order the DRU500A from the Dell Accessory Store for a mere $254…but it expired and the price is back to $354

well, at least now i know what to keep my eyes on… DRU500A, here i come… if you happen to find a good deal on this fine gadget, it would be nice to post it in the forum…

thx a million for all kind help guys!!!


I don’t know where you are in the world,but I got the Sony DRU500a for $349 plus tax from CompUSA in Springfield NJ yesterday. Go to the site (,I understand from the salesperson on the phone,they got a fresh shipment this past Friday (10/11)…Good Luck

yes, it is available! i am convincing a friend of mine to buy it and bring me next month… luckly i have some “inside guys” there…

i live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ive been 4 years in Chicago some time ago and sincerely i prefer Brazil better as a place to live in…

however, it also has many disadvantages, some very annoying ones: our economy is completely f***** up, and imported goods get here 3 to 4 times more expensive than they cost there (this is considering already currency devaluation!!!), drug dealers rule over Rio de Janeiro (glad i never go there) and unemployment rate is at dramatic levels…

besides, internet connection sucks here, just for you to have an idea, i have DSL 256k, which is the “top dog” of the connections here, and i can download at 30k/s and upload at 8 k/s… now this just sucks!!!:frowning: you guys are happy and dont realize it!!! :slight_smile:

ok, ive talked too much… thanks a lot fot the tip:)

No worries,given what you’ve told me,I hope your ‘inside guys’
work out…Good Luck