Clevo M570U: DVR-K17 bites the dust

First off, HELLO! I’ve come here a number of times for solutions to problems and I think its about time I joined the community.

Now for my … issue:

I have a DVR-K17 in my Clevo M570U laptop which has been fine for two years but as of this past few days no longer reads or burns discs. I have been to many other places as well as researched methods to find the problem and everything points to the drive finally giving out.

I would like to replace the drive but I’ve run into a few bumps:
-Firstly I’m not entirely sure how to determine whether the drive is Master or Slave
-Then once I have figured that out, how to determine if the one I am purchasing is master or slave.
-Finally, whether its compatible and fits in my chassis.

I have looked at the Pioneer DVR-K06 as the slot loading is intriguing, but im not sure that I want to spend on another Pioneer. I’ve heard good things about NEC but again don’t know which model is right for my machine.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I’ve gotten basically no response from many other forums.


First off go to pioneers download site and try to get updated drivers. Second uninstall the device in hardware manager and let windows try to re-install it. Third see if there is a flash upgrade for the bios that will update the e-prom in the drive. I’ve had several burners have need some or all of the above for a fix. Some are mechanical/physical like a bad sensor or broken or bad insert device. Master/Slave is determined by cable placement on the device and/or settings on the device (jumper settings). I have just had the same issue on mine and have not tried any or all of these yet, but my unit is in a Toshiba Satellite. I will be working on it soon so stay posted! Scott