Clearance Notes

I wasn’t sure exactly where to post this, but while I was out shopping, I noticed several things that might be of use to other people:

  1. OfficeMax is clearing out their house brand and HP DVD media. Their house media was $12 per 50-pack, but with their extra 20% off clearance items this memorial weekend, the price is only $9.60. HP 50-packs were $15, but only $12 after 20% discount. 100-packs were $30, and only $24 after 20% discount.

  2. Office Depot is clearing out their 100-packs of Sony DVD media. I found them for $17.04 in one store, but that’s not a price that everyone is guaranteed to get. If you can find the $17.04 price in one store, use your receipt to get additional packs at the same price in other local Office Depots. They will most likely match it even if it’s not ringing up the same.

  3. Walgreens seems to clearing out some of their Maxell and TDK media, mostly 5, 10, and 15-packs. You might want to stop in your local Walgreens to see if it’s the same in your area. I also stumbled across a 25-pack of MAXELL 002s in one store on regular sale price of $6.99.

This will make a good thread for Clearance items.

Older 50-packs of OfficeMax brand 8x DVD media are ringing up for $4.00.

What’s the mid?

We the only 2 posting in this thread? :bigsmile:

Great deal, though I have doubts about my store having any 8x media left. I already have a huge amount of media as it is so I should just pretend I didn’t see this. :stuck_out_tongue:

To note what has already been mentioned in other threads:

  1. Sam’s Club is clearing out their 8x Verbatim media. Price was last seen at $8.81 for a 50-pack. It may be lower now, so if you’re close to a Sam’s, go check them out.

  2. OfficeMax used to carry 3 and 10-packs of Verbatim DL media in their physical stores. The price for the 10-pack was $15 ($1.50 per disk). Most stores have replaced those with 15 and 20 packs, and the price per disk is significantly higher. However, if you can find any 10-packs left in your store, they are still ringing up for $15, even though the web price was jacked up to $20.

  3. 10-packs of Maxell DVD media w/jewel cases are on clearance at Walgreens for $8.99. I’ve confirmed this at two different stores, so the clearance prices are not just local. There are reports that some Walgreens stores have older 16x stock which is MIJ, and it codes out as either MXL RG04 or MAXELL 003.

OK, now one of my local Office Depot’s is getting rid of all Sony-brand media, including 50-packs, 100-packs, and CD-Rs. It’s all overpriced at the moment (higher than sale prices), but eventually it will be coming down and then some deals might be had. Check your local store to see if they’re cleaning out the Sony stock.

OPTODISC OR8 (+R). Burns horribly on my 1640 though. Most of the packs I found were pretty jacked up, but if you just want some giveaway or test media, you might give it a shot. I’m still trying to find 16x Optodisc, which should be much better.

Were you talking about Starlogic? I thought you literally meant ‘Office Max’ branded. I’ve used those Starlogic discs, it was about 50/50 on whether or not I got a good batch. The bad batches usually did ok till the outer 500mb or so. A couple spindles burn great though, scans resembling T02. :smiley:

I had used the 50 packs back in the day, they were MB MII. They produced some of the best burns I’ve seen on a 1620.

It occured to me that the Starlogic discs I was talking about were not even sold in 50 packs, sorry for asking about whether you meant those or the actual ‘Office Max’ brand.

Yeah, that’s kind of similar to what’s happening with these OR8s. They look OK, then literally fall apart past 4GB. It’s so bad I’m too embarassed to even bother posting scans. Trust me, it’s a horrible fatality, and folks should just keep driving past.