Clear opcfor each media?



i have a liton 1635s FW-yv6p, been using verbs,16x+r with a good Q of 95.& a good trt. i now have a 25 pk, of sony 1-16x+r and am getting some ty-8x- go2 . I would like to know if i have to clear the opc in smart burn when i change media from one to the other.Will it remember each one as i burn them,or do i have to reset it each time i change media?Thanks for any help you can give me on this. XBILL


You don’t have to clear OPC when changing media. The drive will remember the OPC for a number of different media codes independently of each other.

You shouldn’t have to clear OPC except if you think you’re having problems because the drive has learned to burn a specific media in a bad way and you want to start from scratch. Personally I haven’t seen this happen, yet.


if i clear opc will it clear all of them,the reason is the sony d21 isn’t burning well compared to the verbs.scan posted below.Is there a way to just one .I have sb-ht-on ,would oht help with this.


The only sure way to find out is to try and compare.