Clear hd Xbox


I’ve got an chip modded xbox (one)
but i’ve got it liek this and no original hdd (and no backup)
but i’m not happy with the installs on it.
I would like to empty the hdd and start from scratch.

Can i simply format it with auto installer 3?
or do I need to do more?


Biteme :smiley:

You can format it, but make sure you know what you’re doing and you have the apps and the retail files around or you’ll machine will not work correctly. So before formatting and deleting ANYTHING look around, and check everything twice, as after formatting the stuffs will be gone forever. Also remember, your saves on drive E will be deleted if you format your E drive.

regards, Stephen

Welll, I’ve tried it with Auto installer 3.0 disc and no problemo.
Cleaned (not formatted) all files first and then installed apps and dash (boot)

works like a charm.

Autoinstaller is a very nice bootdisc :slight_smile: