I have used this program successfully for a pretty good while now, or so I thought but yesterday when I used it, it wasn’t showing me anything was cleaned out so I decided to use the Disk Cleanup with Windows and it removed over 6 million, and yes, you read that correct - 6 million, items. Took almost 2 hours for it to complete. Any ideas why Cleanup hasn’t been working as I thought it had been? :confused:

6000000 items? Do you have even that many files on your system?

I really don’t know what the deal was but I am pretty sure I saw over 6 million things listed under the Compressed Files part, not even sure what that is and almost 40,000 things under the Downloaded Program part :confused:

That’s incredible. 6 million files is unbelievable. I don’t know why your cleaner isn’t working. That’s pretty odd.

I don’t need programs to clean my system.
Clean up is part of my regular maintenance regimen and it is always done manually.

Me thinks that should have been 6GB of info. Check your settings on your cleaner to make sure there looking for all the useless stuff.6GB is a lot but not unusual on a daily user rig.

Yo Shel-

You might want to try cCleaner - a free program used by many of us at CDF with excellent success (takes about 10 seconds to clean out 40mg of junk)-

You can find it here:

I use it after all my online financial transactions to sweep out any/all of the cookies and everytime I shut down my computer-eh!!

(btw - Lin uses it every three months or so 'cause the 10 seconds cuts into her online shopping time)

Thank you, Mike. I’ll go get it now

For your internet stuff, there is also ATF Cleaner, but be careful what you check. Please read the very straightforward instructions.

i get good results with cleanup. i also recommend crap cleaner. (ccleaner).

there are features of windows disk cleanup that common cleaners dont have. delete downloaded program files, these are typically activex controls, like the ones installed to play online games or use the pc scan. the compressed files in windows disk cleanup refers to files which have not been used for 50 day or more. windows compresses these files to save disk space. this feature can be turned off or the number of days can be adjusted as well. open disc cleanup, click compress old files then options. also disc cleanup catalogs files for the indexing service. also which can be turned off. if turned off then the service will not run when windows starts, which may save a little ram or a couple cpu cycles. in my computer right click on your hard drive, properties and [B]un[/B]check allow indexing service.