Cleaning your media

Hi guys,

Before I start damaging my CD/DVD’s I was just wondering what the rest of you are using to ‘clean’ your media?
Removing grease, fingerprints and maybe some light scratches etc?

Thanks :iagree: ,


i use a glasses cleaning cloth wiping from inner circle to outer (not along the grooves). also you can use mild detergent like hand soap and water to clean.

Yep if you have glasses you can use that cloth since it doesnt make many scratches. Don’t rub too hard though.

I usually use my shirt. Depends what shirt you’re wearing I guess. Something soft and non abrasive would work well.

For badly damaged disc’s (kids) that give crc errors I use toothpaste and back it up quick, works every time.

i use a repair kit and it has never failed to repair a disk yet

Inside of my spitfire jacket does wonders.

I stick mine to the fenders and drive through the car wash. (don’t forget the blow dry) :rolleyes:

I use a 3M cleaning cloth. It’s just a glorified glass lens cleaner, but it is washable for many many uses.