Cleaning up VHS to DVD copy

I have a few old science fiction films on VHS tape that I want to copy over to a DVD disk. Can the image from the old VHS tape be cleaned up enough to copy it over to a DVD disk using store bought products like VideoStudio 11 Plus or should I have a professional company do it. One old VHS tape that I have is the 1950 sci-fi filM Rocketship XM. It is a black and white film except for the las 45 minutes when they land on Mars. The Martian landscape was tinted a beautiful red-pink but I think that color on my VHS is washed out a bit. The tape is around 15 years old. Any suggestions on how to restore it to it origional clean image?

Wecome bob7708, you might just get a new copy to work with. Look here

[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2311409]Wecome bob7708, you might just get a new copy to work with. Look here[/QUOTE]

Thanks Jethro, but the newer releases of this film tinted the Martian landscape in Sepia tones. I’m stuck with my old tape for now so I will try to copy the best and cleanest image of it. I’m just not sure how.

If you hit e-bay you might be able to find a SVHS deck like a JVC9600 or Panasonic that have very effective Time Base Correction and video filters built in. They tend to clean up the color and sharpness of old tapes, especially the slow speed ones.
I bought a 9600 when they were new and it’s my favorite playback deck when dubbing old slow tapes to dvd, really cleans em up.
Some of the older dvd recorders seem to have some sort of video filters built in that help as well. I also have a OLD panasonic E80H hard drive/dvd recorder that also seems to really clean up old tapes I feed it, my newer recorders don’t seem to have anything like it.
There are probably software suits that can do it but then you have to jack everything into your pc and play with the results till you get it the way you want.

dartman’s comments were right on the money! If you can’t or don’t want to do that, just use the best vcr you can, and capture the video as avi or dv-avi, and then run it though AVISYNTH to try to clean it up a little bit.

Just remember, you can’t really make video better than what it is. You can only filter it and in doing so, you may or may not make it APPEAR better.

Thanks Harley, I’ve been playing with VCR’s seriously since I got a decent Sony SLV-676 back about 90 and had quite a few before and since.
Then when DVD burning became somewhat affordable I went that route on the PC as well and then branched out into that Panasonic E80H dvd recorder and just kept upgrading everything from there.
There are many ways to do what he wants but the easiest is to just jack from a decent VCR into a DVD recorder with a Hard drive in it. After it’s in and your happy it looks good you can edit on the recorder till you get it the way you want and burn it to a disk or disks, after that you can always take the disks into your PC to make FAST copies or edit even more.
Otherwise like you said pick AVISYNTH or whatever else you think will edit and clean up your tapes as you capture them directly into the PC.
I also use VideoRedo, TSMuxergui and image burn to make HD AVCHD disks to dvd quickly and easily from my HDTV caps that my HDTV card in this box makes.:bigsmile:

My JVC 9600 is still going strong. I second the notion of getting a good transfer to start, and evaluate every step to see if it really helps or hurts. There isn’t much you can do to a VHS image in the way of cleaning it up that isn’t also going to remove detail. (such as it is)