Cleaning thermal paste


A while ago I posted a thread about the high temperature my processor was reaching. Anyway, Intel is sending me an new FAN ,(mine was only spinning at 3100 RPM). I have read that the best way to remove the thermal paste from a processor is by using alcohol or carb cleaner. Does anyone with experience in this area have any advice?


Alchol works for me…

Extreme little amount of windowcleaner

I got my replacement fan from Intel. Everything went smoothly with the paste removal. This fan spins even slower 2800 RPM so I called Intel and NOW they say everything is okay and running to spec… WTF!!! They just got through telling me that my FAN is too slow at 3100 and thats why it is so hot but NOW 2800 is okay???

Is it possible the FAN header could cause this?? Or do I need a good 3rd party fan…

Is it still too hot?
Try measuring your temps now, maybe the new fan is bigger and as such moves more air with less RPM, or maybe the new HS is morre efficient or something…
I don’t think the FAN header would effect it, as I use it to power my AVC 6500RPM fan, (They say that if the header isn’t good enough that the fan won’t spin at all, but I’ve never had such problems) but an adapter to plug it directly to the PSU should be dirt-cheap (About US$1) and as such is worth trying.
Else, you’ll have to get a good 3rd-party fan, stock HSFs have never been brilliant anyway.

It is running idle at 54 celcius. and under load at 65 celcius. Still within spec but it seems high compared to other p4’s.

I think I am going to get a 3rd party fan… Thanks everyone.

Since you’re getting a 3rd party HSF to reduce temps, remember to also keep in mind your case’s ventilation, not even the best HSF is going to keep your proc cool if your case’s running too hot.
Also remember that high RPMs = high noise, and that the heatsink is as important as the fan itself, as in, preferably copper for the lowest temps.

My case is usually at 29 degrees celcius. I can not keep the side panel on or else things heat up too much. There is a large box fan drawing air from the side of the case. I am using an older Addtronics mid tower and the drive gondola hangs in front of the processor and there is no way to put a fan on the side panel to cool the HD down… hence the box fan

If you can afford it, try the Noise Control Silverado. It’s the next best thing to a water cooler. It’s very quiet, comes with every component you can need (including several power cables to run at several speeds), and it’s extremely efficient.

Just remember to turn the BIOS fan speed alarm off… I couldn’t boot after installing it until I had the cooler running at max speed, because the suggested speed for my CPU is below 2000 rpm, so the BIOS wouldn’t let my pc post since it detected a faulty fan.

Don’t worry about the low speeds… the cooler has a silver CPU contact (better heat dissipation than copper), and two huge reactor-style fans in counter-rotation, so it displaces a massive amount of air. It took my cpu temp 10ºC below my previous cooler, which ran at 7500 rpm and made more noise than my vacuum cleaner.

Of course… water cooling is still the most effective, and disregards the temp inside your case, if you install the radiator outside the case… It’s my "next big step"tm :cool: