Cleaning the drive



I have a Plextor 716UF. I got it used from someone who is a fairly heavy smoker. (Nobody in my own household smokes, so from now on, it will only be exposed to typical household dust.)

I don’t have any problems now, I’ve barely used it yet, and so far, just for reading CDs.

I want to know a few things about cleaning the lens:

  1. Is it ever necessary to clean the laser lens?

  2. How will I know when it’s time to clean the lens?

  3. How do I clean the lens; what products and methods do I use?

  4. Other than the lens, is there anything else to clean?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


The Plextor manual states to not even attempt cleaning. If the drive is out of warranty AND malfunctioning, you can try sterile, filtered, compressed air as a last resort.

The manual also states clearly and categorically not to use CD Cleaning Discs with felt pads or brushes as they can scratch the lenses.


The drive should last for years even under those conditions. Air movement when the drive spins the disc around 10K rpm should keep the lens clean. IF out of warranty and having problems reading or writing, as a last resort you can try to wipe the lens GENTLY with a lint free alcohol wipe, but only as a last resort.