Cleaning scratched disks

i have a scratched disk that my cdrom drive wont read

i was wondering if there was some software or a way or product that can repair the scratches


You could try to copy the disc with another drive as reader. Just because your drive can’t, you might succeed with another drive as reader. Plextor drives seem to do a great job for such a task.

Or you could try: the toothpaste trick

If your disk is full of scratches, these might be filled with dust. You could
try to put a small amount of toothpaste on your disk and clean it off with some soft material. Move from the centre of the disk and out, not in circles.
Rinse it with some lukewarm water afterwards.

Or you could checkout a skipdoctor.

Use the above trick on your own risk. All I can say is that it never did any damage on my CD’s.

i was going to suggest a skip dr, if your cd has only minor scratches then it will work, but anything big might or might not work. It works by taking a small layer of the cd, so that the scratches are no longer as deep, however it cant take too much off otherwise your reader won’t be able to distinguish between 0’s and 1’s.

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