Cleaning PC Components

I’m a newbie computer owner & on opening the tower to put in a new hard drive, I noticed quite a bit of dust in there, especially on the cooling fan & the intel processor fan(I think its a fan). Just wondering whats the best way to get the dust out of there?. I’ve been told that a small air compressor could blow the dust out, Is this safe? What do the experts use to clean theirs? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

At most computer and electronic stores you can buy cans of compressed carbon dioxide. This is a safe and effective way of clearing dust out of heatsinks, fans, etc.

NEVER USE A VACUUM THOUGH! (just thought i’d warn you). The static charges with a vacuum can kill the PC bits. The compressed air is fine, but i haven’t heard of pplz using a compressor. I use a straw which i blow thorough, or some cotton buds, towels etc. Not exactly hygenic, i’d say stick with the air.

I use an air compressor, I got sick of $5 a can for air duster!!! It’s FRICKEN RIDICULOUS, they charge $5 for a stinking can of duster crap, Wal-Mart even jacked up their price from $4 to $5!!! GET BENT, it’s a can of air!!! So, I have a small air compressor that I use to dust out computers. It’s 120 PSI, and I have a special nozzle I made for it to get into tight spaces!!! It puts those duster cans to SHAME, it works a LOT better!! I like it a lot, I only paid $50 for the air compressor used. It’s not a bad little snot, I can use it to fill up my tires, and it will power my impact so I can take the tires off real easy on my truck. I only decided to use it to dust computers when I saw they decided to raise the price of air duster AGAIN! It used to be $2.99 a can for the cheapo generic stuff. Then they raised the price of that to $3.99, the same price as the brand name stuff! So, I was kinda peeved about that, it’s COMPRESSED AIR, IT"S NOT WORTH $4!!! I bought a couple cans @ $4, but I used the air compressor for really dusty machines. Then I go to buy another can of it, and I see they decided to jack it up to $5, GET BENT YOU GREEDY BASTARDS!!! Now I use the air compressor, and I don’t buy ANY air duster!!! $5 a can, the air compressor does a MUCH better job, it’s about 3x the pressure in those cans, and 2x the flow! You have to be careful that you don’t blow through the seal stickers on the hard drives, and it will spin a CPU fan @ 50,000 RPM!!! It will screw up the fans if you let them spin freely, you have to stuff something in them to jam them up. It’s also a god idea to not blow into optical drives too close. It takes about three fill cycles on the tanks to dust a REALLY dusty machine. The only REAL problem with it is it makes a TON of noise. IT does work very well though.

Now I’ve seen this thing @ CompUSA, it takes CO2 cartridges, and it’s supposed to be like canned air. I dunno how much CO2 is in a CO2 cartridge, but I think it’s quite a bit. Probably 3 of those = a can of air duster. It’s $1.99 for 5 CO2 cartridges @ Wal-Mart. That seems like a good way to go, but CO2 cartridges go empty if you puncture them and don’t use them. The duster doesn’t exactly fully seal (I know from all the BB gus I’ve had over the years :rolleyes: ). I dunno, it’s probably a good substitute. I’d rather just use mu portable air compressor though, it costs about $.10 for a tank of air!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree: